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Local SEO: Why Is It So Important?

Local SEO is far more powerful and more important than most people realize. If your business has local offices or storefronts, local SEO should be a top priority. Geographic indicators are in practically every online-enabled device, and almost every user search becomes a local search by default. That…

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How Local Citations Increase Search Engine Rankings

People are searching for local businesses online more than ever, and online searches will continue to increase. You want your business to be found when users are searching for services or products that you offer. Local citations will increase your business’ local visibility online and bring…

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Facebook Page vs Business Website

It’s smart to use Facebook and other social media platforms to connect with potential customers. Social media channels help you build a larger audience for your products and services. And they provide you with many ways to reach new customers and interact with current followers. However,…

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Core Update for Google Search

Today Google announced that they are releasing their May 2022 core update, which will take a week or two to fully roll out. Several times a year Google makes substantial improvements to their overall ranking processes, which they refer to as core updates. Core updates are…

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Claim Your Apple Maps Listing

If your company is not on Apple Maps, you definitely want to get listed there!  Why your business needs an Apple Maps listing Siri always returns Apple Maps results. Typed searches on iPhones and tablets return Apple Maps results. Apple CarPlay is powered by Apple Maps.…

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FREE Images and Videos For Your Blog Posts

Here are links to some sources of FREE images and videos for your blog posts. Some of the photos on these sites are pretty spectacular. The listed sites all have media to use restriction free and do not require attribution. However, be sure to check each…

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